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Our Retail Plant Nursery specializes in:

Well adapted, native, deer resistant, drought tolerant, and unusual landscape plants.

"What we do not have, we find! especially hard to get natives".

Our plant nursery began and continues as a labor of love from landscapers who love plants. We continue to grow majoring in landscape plants that are well-adapted and native to the San Antonio and Hill Country area.

Some folks come to our nursery for free landscaping advice. We often travel to our customers homes for landscape consultations. Many request our full landscape design and installation packages. Others simply want us to recommend the right plants they need so they can have greater confidence to do it themselves. Regardless of your choice, we remain flexible and open to your preferences and are grateful for your business.

Be sure to click on to our plant information sheet descriptions and pictures of the best landscape plants for the San Antonio area.

Esperanza Fire BushDamianita Katie Roads Rose Gourds Salvia Lucantha
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